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 Ideal for painting and drywall projects

Solution for complete protection

 Entry and exit without removing the shield


AerialShields are the best solution to keep your scissor lift and boom lift clean.

All standard sizes AerialShields™ available directly from stock.


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Aerialshields for access equipment. 

Protect your access equipment from overspray, spills, and splatters with AerialShields®.Cost-effective and practical, AerialShields by TireSocks are the perfect paint overspray protection solution for painting, drywall, spray foam, and other messy projects.

Thanks to the hook and loop seal around the equipment’s entry point and a removable door it’s easy to enter and exit your equipment. No need to remove the AerialShield®. Its design also provides coverage to platform extensions to protect from paint and drywall splatter.


AerialShields represent the first product of its kind on the market and offer several advantages over other types overspray protection methods. Effective and practical, AerialShields provide painting, drywall, and spray foam overspray prevention and protect from spills, splatters, and drips, AerialShields® prevent mess and remove the need for lengthy and labor-intensive post-project cleanup. AerialShields are produced using high-quality materials and are manufactured in the USA.

Benefits and features:
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install
  • One-size fits multiple machines
  • Allows access to controls
  • Warning labels and logos remain visible
  • Removable door for easy entry and exit
  • Seals around hinges, latches, & safety chains
  • Stock items ship same day
  • No taping required resulting in less clean up
  • Bungee base for a secure fit
  • Save hours powerwashing or reapplying sprays & stickers
  • Protects platforms, extensions, rails and controls

1. Install AerialShields in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. For interior use only.
2. Ensure platform is free of all tools/debris and extend platform to desired length.
3. Take AerialShield and removable door out of the package. Set the removable door with the yellow caution strip
aside. Do not unfold the AerialShield.
4. With the folded AerialShield, enter the lift. Starting at the platform end furthest from the entry, lay the folded
AerialShield on the platform floor with the black base down. Unroll toward the entry point with the black base
laying flat along the length of the platform.
5. Lift the left and right sides of the AerialShield and step onto the black platform base.
6. Separate velcro on the AerialShield and stretch the bungee over the bar above the entry point. Stretch the
bungee down about 6-8”
7. Stretch the bungee over the sides and the other end of the basket.
8. Exit the machine and pull bungee down around the platform base.
9. Straighten and close velcro around entry.
10. Separate the velcro strip on the removable door and center over the entry point with yellow caution at top.
11.Close the velcro strip on the removable door.


The Aerialshields are suitable for these brands: Genie Lifts, Haulotte, JLG, Skyjack, LGMG, Sinoboom, Zoomlion, Hy-brid lifts, Snorkel, MEC and many more!

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